The Sustainable Home Survey Company is an experienced and dedicated team of people who've made it their mission to make peoples' homes warmer and more affordable.




Our certified assessment services are well suited for those households who need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for the purpose of a property sale or rental. They are also required for those households seeking to complete energy efficiency upgrades on properties utilising funding schemes such as ECO and HHCRO.

Fuel Poverty AssessmentS

We have developed a tailored in-home assessment which collects income, energy use and wellbeing data to establish the “real” fuel poverty level experienced by residents, utilising the approved Government methodology of “low income high costs”.  Survey results allow our clients to devise programmes of support and seek relevant funding. Our assessors can also provide residents with targeted advice and physical energy saving measures. Please refer to our brochure which you can find here for further information.



Free resources for comparing energy tariffs and saving money on energy bills through switching.  SHS have 5 Big Energy Saving Network (BESN) Champions for a second year running.  This year, BESN is sponsored jointly by the Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and National Energy Action (NEA).  



Technical Surveys

Some measures require a more technical approach.  With our team of experts, we can provide installer-ready specifications on a vast array of measures, such as loft and wall insulation, boiler replacement, solar feasibility, energy audits and much more. We also have close relationships with a number of installers and nationwide contractors who we can refer installations onto as required.



Stock Mapping

Our neighbourhood stock mapping service reduces the burdens on your data and analytical staff to provide community-focused information.  It provides instant access to social data and key information to those making decisions around prioritising of resources.

Targeted and Tailored Resident Engagement and Assessments 

We can help you to gain direct access to your residents through both telephone and door-to-door engagement.  Whether you require this for the delivery of energy saving advice, the installation of small measures, to better understand energy behaviours, to determine the level of fuel poverty in an area, or to recruit householders for energy efficiency projects, our experienced team can deliver targeted schemes with quality outcomes for both you and your residents.