Since the inception of ECO, SHS has built up an extensive knowledge in the delivery of high quality area analysis for ECO opportunity identification. Using SHS’s proprietary analysis and screening surveying systems, where possible target households will be identified down to the individual household level. Building upon our community penetration and identification capabilities, SHS offers deep assessment experience in rigorous and results driven projects.

As qualifying criteria for ECO shifts from carbon volume to fuel poverty, SHS bridges the gap through extensive carbon emissions assessment experience to a wealth of knowledge in practice for identifying vulnerable and fuel poor households.  With this unique qualification, SHS is ready to help in today’s current market as well as the market of tomorrow. 

Through partnering with established community organisations, SHS have developed a distinctive approach to achieve greater local market penetration, particularly in areas that have the greatest refurbishment potential. Through area stock screening, face-to-face engagement and provision of independent home energy assessment reports, we aim to recruit high quality and committed customers into your existing delivery operations.

We have quality control systems in place to ensure that all our activities are carried out in a professional manner underpinned by a commitment to improve homes in the communities in which we operate.

If you would like to speak with us about our engagement and assessment services, or our carbon analysis and compliance expertise, please contact us by phone at 0203 603 0230 or by email at